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5 and 6 year olds

These school age children are filled with enthusiasm about learning! They now have an intuitive grasp of logical concepts and the skills that were used for pre-reading sets up important concepts for the increase of verbal skills and word recognition. By this age at least some reading begins.

A child’s fine motor skills at this age allow them to improve writing and they have a keen attention for details. The “ how and whys” of what goes on in their environment is a big part of their world. Their language is more fluid and speech is very social. Cooperative play, following more complicated directions, improved attention span and a general curiosity is apparent at this stage.

Filled with lots of energy, these children need a great deal of physical activites and outdoor play time to aid in their growth both physically and cognitively. Their imaginations have expanded and dramatic play has become much more sophisticated. They become keenly aware of “right” and “wrong,” and competency and learning responsibilities are part of the joy of this age group. Providing them with a variety of interesting games, puzzles, arts and crafts, open-ended building and dress up will compliment the skills they are learning at school.

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